Founded in 2001, Menconi & Schoelkopf Fine Art offers a full range of American art, from the early nineteenth century through the mid twentieth. The two partners – Susan E. Menconi and Andrew L. Schoelkopf – bring to the business decades of experience in handling American paintings, drawings, watercolors, and sculpture.

Andy was raised in a family of art dealers, being the son of Robert and Jane Schoelkopf, who ran the prestigious Robert Schoelkopf Gallery in New York until the elder’s untimely death in 1990. Having worked at the gallery until its close in 1991, Andy then went on to Christie’s, where he rose to be head of the American Paintings Department. Andy currently sits on the board of the Private Art Dealers Association, of which the gallery is a member.

Susan began her art dealing career at Hirschl & Adler Galleries, New York, where she was founding director of the of American Sculpture Department. She later became Executive Vice President of the Richard York Gallery. Susan too was immersed in art from the beginning. Her late father, Ralph J. Menconi, was an accomplished professional sculptor, as was his father before him. For the past several years, Susan has served on the Art Advisory Panel of the Internal Revenue Service. She also serves on the American board of the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Hamilton, Bermuda.
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